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TRIBE – The Ultimate Carnival Experience for the Greatest Show on Earth.

At TRIBE, we pride ourselves on providing the Ultimate Carnival Experience in Trinidad and Tobago Carnival – one of the largest and most popular Carnivals in the world, and commonly referred to as “the greatest show on Earth”.

From our humble beginnings in 2004, TRIBE’S mission has been to deliver the quintessential masquerader experience every year by matching the greatest show with the greatest service. In our inaugural year alone, we established a new standard of industry service by becoming the first all-inclusive Carnival band in Trinidad and Tobago. Since then we’ve grown from strength to strength each year, by consistently improving our already unparalleled service to always meet (but typically exceed) your increasing demands and expectations.

Over a decade later, TRIBE has completely revolutionized the Carnival landscape, quickly becoming the largest Carnival band in Trinidad and Tobago and surpassing others that came long before it. In spite of such rapid growth, TRIBE never compromises quality over quantity, and we continue to perfect our product by keeping the masquerader at the fore and core of our operations. This unwavering consumer-driven mantra allows TRIBE to boast a consistent ‘sold out’ track record every year since our inception.

A true industry pioneer, TRIBE always delivers from our band launch to our Las’ Lap, and we have you covered from registration to the road. Now approaching our 15th year and showing no signs of slowing down, we’re well on our way to one day earning the title of “the greatest band on Earth”, if we haven’t already.

TRIBE Firsts

TRIBE Firsts

2004 – Launch of the first all-inclusive Carnival band

Prior to 2004, Carnival band offerings were limited to a costume, music trucks and occasionally, a live performance by an artiste or band on the road. Everything beyond that was the masquerader’s responsibility. That all changed with the launch of TRIBE, as we gave our masqueraders well, just about everything! From gorgeous costumes, to fully catered meals, to convenient mobile restrooms, to comfortable shuttle service, to safe and secure rest stops and of course, a well-stocked premium bar, the only thing you had to worry about was getting a comfortable pair of shoes (and even that too in time, was taken care of).

2005 – TRIBE Fix It Centre

As dedicated as we are to pushing the boundaries of design, we still understand the need for durability, function and comfort when it comes to our costumes. However, with a loyal following in the thousands, it’s challenging to cater for each and every body type, without taking a ‘one size fits all’ approach. In search of a happy balance between the two, we created a dedicated costume fix-it centre, where masqueraders upon collecting their costumes, could have them altered on site to ensure they got both the right look and the right fit for the road.

2006 – 2008 – Cutting Edge Registration & Distribution System

When you’re the hot new kid on the Carnival block, you learn very quickly that there is such a thing as being too popular. Faced with a barrage of eager customers and a potentially overwhelmed staff, TRIBE created a first-of-its-kind online registration system, accessible both on site and remotely to cope with our more than flattering demand. The system proved to be quite a hit, allowing would-be masqueraders to sign up at the customer-friendly mas camp or in the comfort of their own homes, the latter being especially beneficial to those overseas. This registration model created another first for the industry as TRIBE became the first Carnival band to accept credit card payments. The innovation didn’t stop there however, as in seeing how well received the new registration process was, we sought to improve our distribution process too. This led to yet another industry breakthrough with TRIBE establishing the first off-site distribution centre. Masqueraders no longer had to clamour through a crowded mas camp the week before Carnival to collect their costumes, but could instead enjoy the relaxed and comfortable environment and amenities offered by Cascadia hotel.

2005 – Mas meets the Mobile Cool Zone

With a pre-Lenten occurrence in February or early March, Trinidad Carnival’s dry season fixture is no stranger to hot sun. Two days straight of heat can take its toll on anyone, be it the unaccustomed tourist or seasoned local, and sunblock can only go so far. Enter the TRIBE Mobile Cool Zone – a delightful moving mist of water to cool down masqueraders on the go. #whatnamesun

2011 – Las Lap: A lagniappe for a good cause

Carnival can really take its toll, and for many Trinis, Lent offers a much welcomed respite from the demands of the season. However, by the time Easter rolls around and that sunburn has eased up and those toenails have grown back, a delayed Carnival itch is not uncommon. Las Lap became the much needed scratch to those who had this itch, and like TRIBE the band, was a hit from day one. However, many are unaware that the initiative came about as a fund-raising event for one of our staff members who was in a vehicular accident and required assistance with her medical expenses. Who said there’s no such thing as Carnival for a cause?

2014 – Three bands, one launch

Like Carnival itself, band launches have grown in both size and sizzle in recent years. Pyrotechnics, cinematic screens, a diverse DJ cast and live performances are just some of the standard flair factors found in today’s launches, many of which were introduced by TRIBE. With such elaborate execution expectations, one would think launching a single band alone would be more than a handful. Not for TRIBE. Our desire to push the envelope even further inspired a daring act of launching not one, not two, but three bands in a single event. While admittedly no easy feat, 2014 saw a trifecta of bands on one stage, with TRIBE and sister bands BLISS and The Lost Tribe sharing the spotlight in a groundbreaking presentation.

2015 – Carnival kicks courtesy TRIBE

It’s often said that Carnival is a woman’s affair, and indeed with hardly a man gracing a Carnival magazine cover and female costumes usually being the talking point after any band launch, it’s fair to say male masqueraders play second fiddle. However, while men may not have to debate over frontline, backline, Monday wear, costume add-ons and other frills and thrills, there’s still one costume accessory they all need – sneakers. Finding the right pair of Carnival kicks for a man is usually a delicate balancing act of aesthetics, functionality and cost. All three of these criteria were met when TRIBE, seeing this need go unmet year after year, offered all its male masqueraders a complimentary pair of sneakers matching their costume.

2015 – The Socadrome

Ask any experienced masquerader and 9 out 10 will tell you that the peak of revelry is crossing the Savannah stage. As the undisputed King of Soca Machel Montano has so vividly described, we’ve jumped on it, stamped on it, trampled it, ran on it, waved on it and more. However, for all its fabled glory, it has the notoriety of being the biggest bottleneck in Carnival and a recurring problem too. With no apparent solution to the glut of trucks and masqueraders converging at the paddock each year, TRIBE made a seemingly controversial move and partnered with 3 other large bands to create a new parade pinnacle dubbed the Socadrome. Like most of our innovations, the Socadrome turned out to be an unprecedented, overnight success and has now become the much anticipated crossing point for both masqueraders and spectators.

2017 – Monday Mas & One Last Jam

With a jam-packed party roster in the lead up to the parade of the bands, it’s easy to have your fair share of Carnival without playing a full two days of mas itself. It was with this in mind that TRIBE created its Monday-Only mas; a budget-friendly, one-day option that allows the masquerader to still experience the festivities without going the full nine yards. On the other end of the scale however, there are those die-hard Carnivalistas who can never get enough. The ones who always want one last chip, one last wine, one last jam. And so in 2017, TRIBE Las Jam was born. More of a last lap than a cool down, it gives masqueraders the chance to relive the Ultimate Carnival Experience one more time with no compromise.

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