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T&T Guardian: Miss T&T Universe final moves to NAPA

T&T Guardian: Miss T&T Universe final moves to NAPA

Miss T&T Universe final moves to NAPA

Saturday, October 20, 2012

The ten finalists of the Miss T&T Universe pageant.


The final of the Miss Trinidad and Tobago Universe pageant takes place on October 21 at the National Academy for the Performing Arts, Keate Street, Port-of-Spain. Originally planned for the Hilton Trinidad, the decision was taken by the producers to transfer the show to NAPA after ticket sales proved better than expected and a larger venue was required.



Patrons can expect an exciting evening as the ten finalists compete for the opportunity to represent T&T at the international Miss Universe Pageant in Las Vegas come December. Along with the elements of the pageant final the show will offer great musical performances by select local artistes and much more.



The doors at NAPA will open at 5.45 pm for a gala cocktail reception where patrons will be served complimentary premium drinks and hors d’oeuvres while being entertained by Nigel Rojas of the band Orange Sky. Rojas will for this evening take the tempo down a notch to showcase his softer side, performing ballads and light alternative accompanying himself on acoustic guitar.



For those unaware, Rojas is an accomplished classical and flamenco guitarist so one can expect a quite unique presentation from him for the 45 minutes or so that he will be performing. The lineup of entertainment during the show includes rapso group 3Canal as well as the Shiv Shakti Dancers along with a couple surprises we won’t reveal here.



Showtime is promptly at 7 pm therefore patrons are asked to be seated by 6.45 pm and prepare themselves for an entertaining evening of beauty and pageantry. The ten women will present themselves before the judges in swimwear, eveningwear and also undergo tests of their interview skills and knowledge of current affairs and other issues.



To this end the finalists underwent an intensive six-week training regimen that saw them doing, personal developement coaching, physical workouts, sessions with Revlon on make-up and Hair stylist, Ashvin Bally also worked with the women preparing their hair for the pageant, while teaching them how to best take care of their tresses.



The candidates also underwent training in speech, movement, posture, expression and overall etiquette. The idea was not to simply train the women for the competition, but to prepare them for life beyond the pageant. Although there can be only one winner moving on to the international Miss Universe Pageant, all of the women will have learnt a lot from the weeks of preparation that will serve them well in the future as they move forward in their respective studies or careers.



Dean Ackin of TRIBE, the new franchise holder for the local leg of the Miss Universe Pageant decided that from here on end the Miss Trinidad and Tobago Universe Pageant is a process towards finding someone to represent the nation at Miss Universe, but also the pageant must inspire women to pursue their dreams, reach for their goals and prepare them to do so.

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