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TRIBE Carnival

T&T Guardian: Butterflies Beasts Bacchanal

T&T Guardian: Butterflies Beasts Bacchanal

Butterflies Beasts Bacchanal

July 23, 2012

Insisting that Tribe is not a Carnival mas band, but a “brand,” leader Dean Ackin welcomed thousands of potential masqueraders to the band’s launch on Saturday night at the Queen’s Park Savannah, Port-of-Spain. Before the paying public could see the 14 sections being displayed, specially invited guests, including Tourism Minister Stephen Cadiz, Minister of Arts and Multiculturalism Dr Lincoln Douglas, Health Minister Dr Fuad Khan and Sport Minister Anil Roberts were treated to a preview of six sections in the Grand Stand.

The gathering was addressed by Cadiz, Douglas, Ackin and Anya Ayoung-Chee, one of Tribe’s 12 designers. Referring to Ackin as “a man I admire,” Cadiz endorsed Tribe’s mas input, adding that the eight-year-old band knows what “the new customer wants.”

Tribe’s 2013 Carnival presentation is titled Butterflies Beasts Bacchanal and, in his address, Ackin admitted that, “our design team studied the character portrayals of the greats, like Harold Saldenah, George Bailey, and, of course, Peter Minshall, whose amazing 1982 presentation of Papillion served to inspire this new generation of mas makers more than 30 years later.

In addition to its cadre of designers, for next year’s Carnival, Tribe has added Ruana Booker, Nina Alcantara and Maria Jute. Other designers include Monique and Lana Nobrega, Gail Cabral, Valmiki Maharaj, Solange Shaw Gopaul, Melissa James, Sonia Marcano, Peter Elias and Ayoung-Chee.

Backpacks, headpieces and wings for Butterflies Beasts Bacchanal were designed by Douglas John, while the male costumes were designed by Gina Maingot and Kirk Jaimungal. Ackin also officially announced that Tribe is the new Miss Universe franchise-holder for Trinidad and Tobago.

Ackin explained: “This is a natural extension of the work we already do to promote our nation, and with our experience, talent, skills, resources, and a team of dedicated professionals be assured that Trinidad and Tobago will shine on the biggest international beauty stage.”

A model showcases a frontline costume of the section Admiral.

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