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March 4, 2011

The reigning Miss World Alexandria Mills of Kentucky, USA and 1st Runner-Up Emma Wareus of Botswana together visited Trinidad and Tobago with Miss World officials recently.


It was a memorable trip for both as they came in the heart of the Carnival season.They were delighted by the multi-faceted aspects of the twin-island Republic.


There was an opportunity to have some of T&T's leaders in the fashion industry capture them in what could be described as our 'national dress'.


This is the land of calypso, limbo and pan and the inspiration was to create the fusion of fashion with the Carnival.


The glorious colour combinations and contrasts of textures created in Tribes' spectacular head-dresses were paired with Peter Elias' Resort 2011 collection to flavour our heritage and create a sense of history in these ensembles.



Calvin French


Costume Components


Clothing & Accessories
Peter Elias Resort
2011 Collection




Kirk Thomas


Hyatt Regency Trinidad, Poolside


Miss World Alexandria Mills, 1st Runner-Up Emma Wareus



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