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TRIBE treats media to thank-you lime

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TRIBE treats media to thank-you lime

Tribe treats media to thank-you lime

April 05, 2012
Carnival Tribe’s C2K13 street parade presentation will be called “Butterflies, Beasts and Bacchanal.” This was revealed on Monday evening during the band’s media appreciation ceremony held poolside at the Marriot Hotel at Invader’s Bay, Port-of-Spain. The band, maintaining its sophisticated and chic appeal, wined and dined members of the media and corporate sponsors to cocktails, soca music and a wonderful opportunity to network. Among those present were Tribe bandleader, Dean Ackin, his wife, Monique Noriega Ackin, the band’s events co-ordinator, Dwain Noriega and other members of the large Tribe team. Telling of the band’s journey over the past eight years, Ackin said the group had worked hard to ensure that the Tribe brand had stood above all others, explaining that it was a given that bands often go through challenges and changes but brands on the other hand were built over time through innovation and reinvention.

He said brands were built in such a way that they were able to face their competition head on and survive. “Bands come and go. Brands come and stay,” said Ackin. Reiterating that Tribe has always stood firm to its mantra of offering an experience rather than just a Carnival parade, Dean Ackin pointed out that the core team responsible for the continued development of Tribe are great lovers of Carnival themselves, highlighting that they are all passionate about the national festival. “That is what perpetually inspires us,” he said. “Over the years, Tribe has maintained on its deliverables, something that masqueraders so privy to the experience, have attested to with surety.” Ackin said it was Tribe’s main goal to be at the forefront of innovation and positive change in the industry, especially when it comes to the enhancement of the masquerader’s experience. Pointing out that this past season alone, the band was able to implement new elements to enhance the experience, such as snow cocktails, which in essence were alcohol enhanced snow cones, Ackin said the team was always careful to ensure that value is added, along with a unique selling proposition, to their customers.

Among the guests gathered at the event were corporate representatives from Hadco, Angostura, Yoplait and WITCO. Ackin recalled that when the band first launched they were turned down by many, with only a few corporate entities giving their idea a chance. He said he was now happy to be able to thank all those who believed in the idea and have lived to see it blossom into something wonderful. The band’s annual “las lap” party is always a charitable event and this year, all proceeds from the event have gone to Vitas House, The Animal Welfare Network and St Dominic’s Sunny Hill Homestead. Ackin urged other successful leaders in the industry to also support social causes and charities that could assist in the development of the nation’s marginalised. Tribe and its addition, Bliss, will officially launch their 2013 Carnival presentations in July.

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