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Legends of the Far East

Solange Govia

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Solange Govia

Holistically dedicated to her life’s work of creative design, Solange Govia has a reputation that spans 7 years of quality product and outstanding service shaped by the TRIBE Family.

Her aesthetic caters to the sexy diva – the client that appreciates undivided care that is paired with a costume that is designed with the masquerader in mind. Her focus on trends interweaves with the individual relationships that she has built with clients, and is accentuated by her insatiable desire to ensure that each of her clients is happy, year after year.

Solange’s penchant for remarkable colour selections and texture combinations marry well with her great care of fit for any masquerader – marrying value with service.

With loyalty at the epicentre of her career motivations, it is this “Carnival Covenant” to her masqueraders that distinguishes Solange Govia as a designer – a worthy professional trait that has continued to define her scope of commitment to her growth as a professional, as well as to reinforce the high standards set by her team at TRIBE Carnival.

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