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SCORCH is THE handbook for young people. It’s a free pocket size magazine that showcases the Caribbean Trendsetters.

Each issue features ‘scorching’ beauties, hot spots, events, nightlife, fashion, music, movies, gadgets, in a nutshell EVERYTHING that happens on the island. We even have the good ole ‘sh*t talk; and NEVER refrain from saying what’s on our minds without ever compromising our credibility. With each section, any one who reads a Scorch magazine would be equipped with the bare essentials on how to dress, where to go, who to know and of course what to drive.

Scorch magazine is not only an entertainment magazine but also more of a trendsetting handbook. Within the paperdolls section, we show what outfits are best worn together and why colours, patterns heels, handbags etc all go well together.

Another popular section is the Scorch Top Ten where we give the ten best or worst things, each week changing the category but always constant with the Top Ten feature. Scorch is populated by a wide variety of young people with a voice and an opinion.


Instagram: @scorchmag
Twitter: @scorchmgazine

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