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Ruana Booker-Evans

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Ruana Booker-Evans

Ruana graduated from the University of Miami in 2007 with a Bachelor of Architecture and a Minor in Mathematics. Where’s the connection? Some may ask. The answer is simple. Ruana’s diverse personality allowed her to integrate the two into her overall studies.

Of course; passion also helps. And Ruana is as passionate about numbers as she is about architecture. She participated in and won awards / trophies for Mathematics Olympiads as young as 10 years of age.

Ruana has also been fortunate to have her experience expanded across the oceans. She spent a semester abroad in architecture-rich Tokyo, Japan where she studied and documented architectural typologies of the area. While there she designed a single family residence to fit within Tokyo’s unique landscape as part of her semester design project. During her visit, she travelled to China (Shanghai & Beijing) to catch a glimpse of their structural motifs. Ruana also went on to complete Interior Architecture Courses at the University of Miami.

This young lady’s experience, knowledge and drive were noticed by Bynoe Rowe Wiltshire Partnership and she was offered a position at the firm in 2007. While at BRWP she was involved in the creation of multi-million dollar projects. Her portfolio includes doing interior design on aspects of The Trinidad Hilton and Conference Centre. She has also worked on various Residential, Hospitality and Commercial Buildings of which she was responsible for schematic + final designs; tender documentation and consultant + in house coordination.

Ruana’s awareness of ever-changing global factors makes her keen on creating ecologically-friendly blueprints. As a young professional she embraces all opportunities; leaving herself open to any possibilities for learning and advancement. Ruana is gifted with an artistic mind and creative hands and is always seeking various creative outlets (she has won awards locally for her paintings). She is also a self-described perfectionist. This applies whether she’s painting on canvas, designing carnival costumes for leading Mas bands in Trinidad, or constructing architectural models.

Her affable, ‘live-wire’ nature is intimately entwined with her commitment to always deliver work of a high standard. As an architect, she gives herself wholly to each client and project, and strives to produce functional, thoughtful and beautiful architecture by treating each project / client individually and understanding their needs.

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