TRIBE Carnival

A New Dawn

Pixie Dust


Pixie Dust

Designed by Ruana Evans

Photography by Damian Luk Pat


The Flaunters Section is a private, frontline-only section which will be portraying Pixie Dust for Carnival 2018 with TRIBE.

The highly sought-after Flaunters section offers an intimate and unforgettable experience for female masqueraders who wish to cross the Socadrome Stage freely and in full Frontline splendour!

Registration requests can be sent to


Frontline: $9,195 (US$1,471)
Includes: Frontline Body Wear (Wire Bra), Frontline Backpack, Jewelled Crown, Accessories & Monday Wear

Upgrade to Section Leader Feathered Legs: $850 (US$136)
Upgrade to Section Leader Headpiece: $850 (US$136)
Upgrade to Section Leader Backpack: $1,050 (US$168)

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