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In the beginning there was nothing. All that lay was a barren island of sand and stone surrounded by an endless ocean of darkness.

However, within this limited landmass lay unlimited potential, and soon this tiny isle would become engulfed; not by the dark waters which bordered it, but by human powers seeking the riches of its soil.

One by one the 15 rulers arrived, each more different and unique from the last, converging on the island plains and collectively transforming it. Each of them brought a piece of their individual thrones, passing their regal brushes upon this hitherto blank canvas with artful strokes that paid homage to their homelands, the end result being a mural of creativity and a masterpiece of diversity.

And so, the sterile isle was no more. Within these shores now lay a dynamic kingdom, an eclectic majesty, an EMPIRE.

For Carnival 2019, TRIBE proudly presents THE EMPIRE.

Much like the story which inspired it, TRIBE will be transforming the streets of Port of Spain for two days into a kaleidoscopic kingdom, as 15 unique sections – each more magnificent and glamorous than the last – converge on the nation’s capital to create one extravagant empire.

Indeed, Trinidad’s own historical tale is not unlike this one – a humble isle with mild origins metamorphosed through multiple imperial rulers, all of which have left their magisterial marks and contributed to the now sovereign State’s contemporary cross-culturalism. Trinidad and Tobago’s beauty lies in its historical diversity, and this is perfectly reflected in the thematic amalgam of founding fathers for TRIBE’s 2019 showcase.

TRIBE welcomes Trinidad Carnival to THE EMPIRE – and long may she reign!


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