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Personal Security Application

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Personal Security Application

Personal Security Application

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Personal Security Application
Maximum upload size: 20MB
Maximum upload size: 20MB
Guidelines for all Executive/Personal Security

1. Absolutely no consumption of alcohol or smoking while on duty on both Carnival Monday and Tuesday.

2. Officers are to be professional, courteous and respectful in the execution of their duties and responsibilities.

3. Must Wear official T-shirts provided by the Band.

4. Your Executive/Personal Security duties and functions are:
(a). Ensure the safety of the masquerader you are protecting at all times.

(b). When dealing with any person or group of persons be diplomatic and professional.

(c). Always attempt to resolve issues without being confrontational.

(d). Do not use excessive force unless absolutely necessary, carefully assess any situation before proceeding to take any action.

(e). In cases where assistance is required, seek assistance from the band’s security.

Magical Experience Limited reserves the right to remove any Personal Security from the Carnival Band at their discretion.

By Submitting this form, I hereby agree to the above terms and condition.

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