TRIBE Carnival

A New Dawn



Designed by Rhion Romany
Marketed by Illusions

Photography by Ikenna Douglas, Damian Luk Pat & David Kernahan

Backline: $6,495 (US$1,039)

Includes Headband, Neck, Bra, Bottom, Pair of Shoulders and Pair of Legs

add Small Collar: $275 (US$44)
add Medium Backpack: $850 (US$136)

Frontline: $7,595 (US$1,215)

Includes Headband, Neck, Bra, Decorated Bottom and Pair of Lower Legs

add Upper Leg Pieces: $695 (US$111)
upgrade to Medium Backpack: $850 (US$136)
upgrade to Large Backpack: $4,350 (US$696)

Male Costume Options

Revel Male: $4,995 (US$799)
Includes Board Shorts, TRIBE Souvenir tank & Hat and Branded Socks

Male Costume Option 1: $5,195 (US$831)
Includes Arms, Waistband & Branded Socks

Full Male Costume: $5,395 (US$863)
Includes Full Costume & Branded Socks

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