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A Statement on Chuma

A Statement on Chuma

A Message from your Carnival TRIBE

Things don’t always go to plan, but at the end of the day, TRIBE has always been a group that holds family and relationships at our core, so we are both saddened and disappointed by what’s transpired on social media over the past 24 hours. Nevertheless, we feel our most important stakeholder, our masqueraders, need to know the facts.


We confirm that, unfortunately, the section CHUMA will no longer take the road with TRIBE for T&T Carnival 2023. Often, designs make it to our Band Launch but do not make it to the road based on low popularity compared to other designs. When the band is sold out, and the size of the section closes with small numbers, we must make the tough decision to recall the section.


Before recalling a design from the line-up, our first port of call is to speak with our designer, not only to notify them, but to also discuss the best ways in which we can communicate the change to our masqueraders while minimizing any reputational damage to the designer. We understand that designs are a labour of love, so the objective is to honour both our designer and our masqueraders. In our current case, we communicated with the designer who had a tough time understanding that the market unfortunately did not respond as favorably to the design as they did to others. Many adored the costume, but the quantity unfortunately fell short of what is needed for production. Given concerns of embarrassment, the TRIBE team offered to place “sold out” on the website before closing off and recalling the section.


CHUMA is a beautiful design so, undeniably, there was interest in it. And though the designer did in fact have interested masqueraders in contact with her to register in the section, these numbers in totality were unfortunately too low when considering the demand for the other sections. The TRIBE Band operates by clusters when we take the road, and these clusters must reach a pre-determined quantity. This, along with supply chain issues still existing worldwide, production in small quantities is challenging. So, the difficult decision was made to recall the section. Note, this is not the only section to be recalled this year within the group.


The creative process is a challenging one and it is always our intention to uplift and inspire our designers’ creative energy, so throughout, we continued to have discourse with the new designer, offering insight into past similar experiences where some of our top designers have had sections recalled. We did our best to encourage the designer to continue to be inspired and to “create your magic”.


Prior to recalling the section, the team attempted to contact the designer via email on several occasions, initially to provide written consent to use the design. Unfortunately, these emails went unanswered. Without official permission to use the design, and costume production beginning at the same time, the difficult decision was made to recall the section. TRIBE has every intention of paying the designer in full once banking information is provided via email, as requested. This has been communicated in all conversations, including our last written correspondence.


We are disappointed that this issue has been placed in the public eye by the designer with facts distorted to create a controversy. We are not surprised as the designer pointedly indicated to the team that this approach would be taken via social media.

We know we may not always get things right, but we are sorely discouraged that our efforts have been intentionally targeted and tarnished, especially as the designer’s creative input was welcomed at our photoshoot and highlighted in our diversity-focused video. We have since been asked by the designer to remove all posts and videos showcasing the designer and CHUMA, to which we’ve willingly obliged.


All masqueraders that would have signed up for CHUMA have the opportunity, if they’d like to, to register in another section of their choice in TRIBE (designer-owned sections not included). Otherwise, these masqueraders can be refunded in full, simply email us at

The TRIBE Group continues to believe in the talent of our creative teams and designers. Year in and year out, hundreds of people within the Carnival ecosystem come together to create magic for our masqueraders. We do not take this for granted and it is our objective to make our Carnival magical for each and every individual involved in the magnificent showcase of the Greatest Show on Earth.

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