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Legends of the Far East

Terms and Conditions

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Terms and Conditions

TRIBE Design Challenge

Terms & Conditions

(A) All Contestants and or Participants (“the Designer”) hereby warrants as follows:-

(1) All designs submitted have not been used and or exhibited and or displayed for any purposes whatsoever in any public and or private shows, events, functions, celebrations, parties and or mas bands;
(2) The design was created solely by the Designer and not in conjunction with any other third party. In this instance the Designer will indemnify TRIBE for all third party intellectual property claims in relation to the design; and
(3) The design was created for the sole purpose of this competition and has not been entered in any other competition or submitted to any other band, person and or company for any purpose whatsoever.

(B) The Designer acknowledges and agrees that all designs submitted whether successful or not shall became the work product of TRIBE for its exclusive use and shall be utilised for whatever purposes deemed fit by TRIBE. The Designer therefore acknowledges that by entering this competition he or she agrees to irrevocably and absolutely assign and or transfer to TRIBE any and all copyright rights he or she would have acquired under law and equity.

(C) Designers of any design utilised by TRIBE (other than the winning design of the Competition) will receive a flat non refundable fee of USD$1,500. For the avoidance of doubt a utilised design is any design which is adopted and or used in its entirety or where a minimum of 75% of the design features are used in a single costume so that the costume has an overall likeness to the design.

(D)Designers will not be compensated save where a design is being utilised by TRIBE exclusively.

(E) Designers agree that they shall not be entitled and or permitted to use the designs for any other purposes whatsoever once submitted to TRIBE. This will apply to all designs whether utilised or not.

(F) Designers┬áconsent to the use of their name, voice, image & likeness and all attributes of their personality (“Their Characteristics”) in any audio and or video recording of any kind, photograph, illustration, animation, produced by or for the benefit of Magical Experience Ltd.

They further consent to the use of their characteristics in any advertising or promotional material created or used in connection with The TRIBE 2018 Design Challenge with the same being considered a “Work” for purposes of this agreement. They acknowledge and agree that the Work (the products and results of the services to be rendered) and all rights therein, including, without limitation, copyright) belongs to and shall be the sole and exclusive property of Magical Experience Ltd.

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