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Think you have what it takes to join the TRIBE?

This is your shot!

TRIBE presents our first ever Design Challenge where one lucky winner will be selected to have their creation immortalized as one of the costumes featured at our 2019 Carnival Experience!

Enter, Design and give your all for this once in a lifetime opportunity!

Do you have what it takes? Let’s find out!

The Challenge

Part One

Submit a sample mood board with your costume design via our online submission form.  A selection panel will review the submissions and determine a shortlist.

One spot in the shortlist will go to the competition’s “Fan Favourite” which will be determined based on votes on the designs via Facebook.

Part One of our contest is now closed.

Part Two

Shortlisted candidates will be assigned a mentor who will help them build a prototype and bring their sketch to life.  All materials required during the prototype phase will be provided by TRIBE.

Prototype creation will be filmed to document the process, and broadcasted via webisode on our YouTube Channel ‘TRIBE Carnival’.

The final winner will be revealed at the Launch of our 2019 Presentation in July 2018 (date to be confirmed).

Competition Guidelines

  1. Must like the TRIBE Carnival Facebook page
  2. Submit your entry via our website:
  3. Submission MUST contain a mood board INCLUDING a sketch, colour samples and anything else that you feel can enhance your submission.
    The sketches must include:-
    • A complete Backline sketch with tiara, necklace, bra, arms, waistband, legs and featherwork
    • A complete frontline bodywear sketch with tiara, necklace, bra, arms, waistband and legs (no featherwork required)
  4. MUST be available and have the necessary travel documents to come to TRINIDAD if selected in June/July
  5. Limited to one (1) representative per design.
  6. Each designer can submit multiple designs, however if shortlisted, only one design will be featured.

Disclaimer: Persons who have designed for the ULTIMATE GROUP (TRIBE, BLISS, LOST TRIBE, ROGUE, HARTS) for the past 2 Carnival seasons are not eligible.

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