TRIBE Carnival

TRIBE Carnival

Caesar’s Army

Caesar’s Army


CAESAR’S ARMY is a Caribbean-based event production company.

Formed in 2006 by Jules Sobion as a faction of the Julius Caesar Entertainment Company, the ARMY uses events as the CATALYST for regional integration, and holds ‘unification of the Caribbean region’ as its ultimate mission.

CAESAR’S ARMY is well known in Trinidad & Tobago for hosting a number of premier events. Each event uniquely showcases what CAESAR’S ARMY is best known for – an incredible vibe.

Unity exists where love prevails.

For this reason, CAESAR’S ARMY promotes and personifies an ethos of ‘ONE LOVE’ in every undertaking. The ARMY spreads this ethos in events hosted throughout the region’s three major Carnival pillars – Trinidad, Barbados and Jamaica. When combined with the sense of adventure and intimacy felt in every CAESAR’S ARMY experience, over time, locals and foreigners alike become UNIFIED – part of a team, a ONE LOVE ARMY or otherwise known as……. CAESAR’S ARMY.

Contact the Romans of Caesar’s Army via:



Mobile: 1(868) 707-ROME (7663)

Facebook: Caesar’s Army

Instagram: Caesarsarmy

Twitter: Caesarsarmy

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