TRIBE Carnival

TRIBE Carnival

Band Leader’s Note

Band Leader’s Note



Dean Ackin19 years is a notable milestone for any business, and for one in the fast-paced and highly competitive industry that is Carnival, it’s certainly a landmark worth celebrating. But getting here has been no accident and more so, no easy feat. TRIBE’s ability to adapt to changing consumer tastes and continuously evolve within an unpredictable socio-economic landscape has been the key to its success, and each year of delivering the Ultimate Carnival Experience has been the direct result of our dedication to innovation.

When costumes only were the norm, we gave you the all-inclusive Carnival package. When long lines to sign up in person were standard, we gave you remote online registration. When cluttered mas camps were a common scene the week before Carnival, we gave you convenient off-site distribution. When the bottleneck at the Savannah stage proved too much, we gave you the Socadrome. When Carnival Monday and Tuesday weren’t enough, we gave you one Las’ Jam.

From our humble beginnings in Posion to the sextet of bands that now fall under the TRIBE umbrella, we’ve always aimed to not just react to, but anticipate the needs of our many masqueraders, creating a unique Carnival experience tailored to these revellers who grace the streets of Port of Spain each year.

From the unparalleled party vibe of TRIBE, to the exclusive intimacy of BLISS, to the contemporary creativity of The Lost Tribe, to the free spirit of HARTS, to the innovative alternatives of ROGUE, to the euphoric energy of our latest offering PURE, there’s a place in the TRIBE family for everyone.

And just like the individual bands that make up our clan, the people behind them are a family too. So it would be remiss of me not to express my sincere appreciation for the effort and support from our team of dedicated staff, as well as our sponsors, suppliers and partners, all of whom have become family to me. Last, but certainly not least, I must thank our loyal masqueraders, who have remained true to the TRIBE and stayed with us for the last decade and a half. Your unwavering patronage is invaluable, and my gratitude is infinite.

As I look forward to next year, and seeing our 2019 theme THE EMPIRE come to life, I can’t help but notice uncanny parallels between TRIBE and the Roman Empire. Built on a series of familial ties and with gradual expansion, it is a true example of the monumental growth and development that can be achieved with time. Like Rome, TRIBE wasn’t built in a day, but we remain committed to consistently raising the bar for Trinidad Carnival the way we always have – one day and one masquerader at a time.

We’ve come a long way in 15 years, and yet, we have so much further to go as we continue to position Trinidad and Tobago as the Premier Carnival Destination in the world.

I humbly invite you to come for the mas, stay for the experience, and become part of our journey as we keep forging forward as one family, one TRIBE.

Dean Ackin

TRIBE Band Leader

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