TRIBE 2018 Registration

TRIBE 2018 Registration


TRIBE Registration will take place through committee members & affiliates ONLY.

Please email for more information.

Committee Members

Andrea Deoseran . Angele Mark . Aquille Ali . Ashley Adams . Avinda Bansee . Briana Schwapp . Cassie Lindsay . Chelsea Rogers . Cherisse Chan Attong . Chevonne Attale . Chike Philip . Chris Carim . Christian Gittens . Crystal Ng Chow . Daniel Conochiarri . Daniella Townsend . Dominique De Verteuil . Elysee Gilbert . Gabby Gonsalves . Jade Cabral . Jazz Singh . Jediel ‘Fish’ Harewood . Jessie Boissiere  . Kandace Price . Kanika Clarke . Kelly de Gannes . Kerrie Kirton . Khama Philip . Kris Donaldson . Kristopher Maharaj . Kryztien Sharpe . Kwesi ‘Jep’ Allen . Kyle Delzin . Kyrelle Lee Foon . Marcus Rowley . Marvin Carmino . Meiling Mack . Mercedes Prevatt . Michael Saunders . Naomi Gomez . Natalia Garcia . Nathan Dookie . Nicholas Gill . Nicholas Patrick . Pascale Bell . Rachel Wharton . Rebecca Elias  . Rebecca Walcott . Ryan Henrique . Sabrina Ali . Samantha Birbal . Samantha Walcott . Sebastien Cabral . Shane Baird . Sharisse Rhyner . Sherayne Welch . Sheryssa Gowrie . Sinead Camps . Siobhan Miles . Soliel Patterson . Sommer Oliviere . Sophie Navarro . Stephan Homer . Steven Luk Pat . Tamika Hinkson . Tishanna Mitchell . Zikomo Townsend . Zoe Sudan

Marketing Affiliates
Solange Govia | Anya Ayoung Chee | Anya Elias | Ruana Evans | Sandra Hordatt | Samantha Ammon | SCORCH | Air Committee Illusions Mas | TriniJungleJuice | Corah Ann Sylvester | BOOM Jamaica | UK TRIBE | Euphoria Carnival UK | Xaymaca International (Jamaica) ICEBOX Entertainment | The Golden Pineapple

Affiliate Companies

ROGUE Carnival | BLISS Carnival | The Lost TribeRed Ants Carnival | Harts Carnival | Ultimate Events

Payment Options

In order to successfully register and complete your costume booking with TRIBE you will be required in the first instance to issue to us a non-refundable deposit as follows:

  • Male & Backline Female – TTD $2,000 (US$325)
  • Frontline – TTD $3,600 (US$576)
  • Section Leader – TTD $5,000 (US$800)

after which you will be required to pay any balance on the selected costume of your choice upon collection, on or before Friday 9th February 2018. Please note that this deposit is required regardless of the price of the costume.

In an effort to facilitate our masqueraders TRIBE will be offering the following payment options with respect to the issuing of the deposit:-

COMPLETE your registration and secure your costume by issuing the non-refundable deposit as follows:

  • Male & Backline Female – TTD$2,000
  • Frontline – TTD $3,600
  • Section Leader – TTD $5,000


INITIATE your registration and reserve your costume by issuing a FIRST payment of as follows:

  • Male & Backline Female – TTD$1,000.00 and the SECOND payment of TTD $1,000 becoming due and owing on or before the last day of the successive month following your first payment.
  • Frontline Female – TTD$2,000.00 and the SECOND payment of TTD $2,000 becoming due and owing on or before the last day of the successive month following your first payment.

E.g. in the instance where you make your first payment in July, the second payment must be made on or before August 31st, 2017. If you make your first payment in the month of August, your second payment must be made on or before September 30th, 2017.

This option is only available to persons registering in male or female backline or frontline costumes making their first down payment in the months of July and August 2017. Option 2 is not available to Section Leaders.


DISCLAIMER – Masqueraders who fail to issue the full deposit by the due date will forfeit any and all monies initially issued in part payment of the deposit. No exceptions allowed!

Costume Collection Policy

Costume packages must be collected in person with a valid form of ID. Persons may collect the costume in their name only.

The costume distribution schedule will be advertised via electronic or print media. The final date of costume distribution is Carnival Friday 9th February, 2018, after which all uncollected costumes remain the property of TRIBE and any down payments are forfeited by the customer.

Costumes remain the property of TRIBE until paid for in full and collected.

Refund/Return Policy

Please note that carnival costumes are custom-made items therefore once a down payment is made, it is non-refundable. Additionally, there will be:

  • NO exchange or switching of sections.
  • NO changing of measurements or sizes
  • NO Costume Transfers
  • NO Returns accepted

Payment Policy

Costume registration is only considered complete after receipt of a down payment. Down payments are required as follows:

  • Male Costumes – TT$2,000 (US$325)
  • Female Backline Costumes – TT$1,800 (US$288)
  • Female Frontline Costumes – TT$3,600 (US$576)

Costumes must be paid in full prior to collection, and can be paid:

  • At the collection centre immediately before collecting the costume (Cash & LINX* only).
  • At TRIBE’s Mas Camp (Cash & LINX* only) and online via Credit Card (Visa & MasterCard).
  • Cheques will not be accepted as a form of payment.
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