TRIBE Carnival is Trinidad & Tobago’s Premier Carnival Band, and has set a new standard for service in the Carnival Mas Industry.

TRIBE was the first fully all-inclusive carnival band in Trinidad & Tobago and has become the benchmark for service for Carnival Bands, not only in T&T but in Carnivals around the world.

TRIBE prides itself on providing the Ultimate Carnival Experience in Trinidad and Tobago Carnival – one of the largest and most popular Carnivals in the world. TRIBE has revolutionized Trinidad and Tobago Carnival by introducing a standard of service and amenities found in all-inclusive holiday resorts and translating this to our local carnival experience.

TRIBE Carnival 2017

TRIBE takes the heat of carnival into unfamiliar territory exploring the colder regions of the world with our 2017 Presentation ‘Zero Degrees – The LIfe Below’.

The costumes explore different aspects of these regions with and urban edge… ‘Cardinal’ in flight, the icy landscape, ‘Glaciers’ floating unsuspectingly above schools of bioluminescent ‘Jellyfish’. The entire band will hit the Road come carnival Tuesday feeling the ‘Wind Chill’

Are you ready to feel the chill?

The TRIBE Carnival design team has created gorgeous offerings that will captivate, dazzle and bring an ultra glamourous flare to the streets of our capital.  As we look forward to the next year, we intend to make Carnival 2017 push boundaries.  Indeed if we are to stay relevant we must reinvent ourselves, we must innovate, we must evolve. However, there is one thing that will always remain the same …

The TRIBE Vibe!

TRIBE Firsts

TRIBE Firsts

TRIBE has revolutionized Trinidad and Tobago Carnival by introducing innovative ideas to complement our local Carnival culture. In 2006 TRIBE set a standard in the Carnival arena by being the first ever Carnival band to introduce a computerised system. Masqueraders were able to register via wireless connection laptop stations at the mas camp and by logging on from the comfort of their home. The technical innovation did not stop there as TRIBE was also the first ever to use an electronic ticket for an event in T&T. The ticket which is actually a smart card was first used at the band’s ultra-inclusive Carnival fete “BLISS” creating a hit! TRIBE also pioneered the Mobile Cool Zone, which emits a mist of water to cool down masqueraders enduring the blazing sun on the road.  For Carnival 2015, TRIBE introduced branded sneakers as a goody bag item for its masqueraders, and in 2017 TRIBE will introduce a Monday-Only option for masqueraders who wish to celebrate only one day on the road.

TRIBE’s goal is to come up with something new and innovative every year as it continues to be a Leader in the industry.

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